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Maker Spotlight: Jennifer Anderson, owner of LOV Leathers

Maker Spotlight: Jennifer Anderson, owner of LOV Leathers

Jennifer Anderson grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with an artistic family where creative expression was encouraged. As the seamstress's daughter, she constructed clothing designs and explored fabric textures at a young age. After studying, English Literature and Writing at the University of Northern Colorado, Jenn worked in the Salon Industry while learning leatherwork on the side.

In 2011, Jenn moved to a ranch in rural Wyoming with her husband Drew and conceived of her first leather goods branch, "JMary Leathers," that sold tooled cuffs and jewelry. In 2016, Jenn expanded her brand portfolio into "LOV Leathers" and introduced her signature line of envelope clutches that is a favorite among western fashion influencers. Jenn constantly designs and creates new bags with an eye on ever-evolving accessory trends. Jenn loves fostering relationships with unique vendors, suppliers, and tanneries across the U.S. to bring luxury-quality cowhides, Native Made Turquoise, and vintage textile designs to her clientele. Jenn hand designs, cuts, and sews each product using traditional leatherworking techniquesensuring every LOV Leathers product is a creation of love.

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Supplies Used:

  • 2 to 3 oz. Veg-Tan Leather
  • Hair-On Cowhide or Designer Leather
  • Solid Dee Rings: Antique Brass (Item #1131-61)
  • Medium Double Cap Rivets: Antique Brass (Item #1373-15)
  • Kora Clasp: Antique Brass (Item #11400-07)
  • Fiebing's Pro Dye: Chocolate Brown (Item #2110-06)
  • Eco-Flo® Edgeflex: Dark Brown (Item #2810-03)
  • Kodiak Oil-Tanned Remnants (Item #5046-22)
  • Eco-Flo® Tandy Neat Lac (Item #2626-01)
  • Easy Grip Rotary Cutter (Item #3042-00)
  • Craftool® Pro Super Shears (Item #3050-00)
  • Craftool® Pro Rotary Leather Punch (Item #3230-00)
  • Eco-Flo® Leather Weld Adhesive (Item #2655-01)

    1. Decide where you want to place your pattern
    2. Cut clutch exterior out of Hair-On Cowhide using Easy Grip Rotary Cutter
    3. Glue flesh side of Hair-On Cowhide to the flesh side of Veg-Tan Leather
    4. Allow Eco-Flo® Leather Weld Adhesive to fully dry
    5. Cut the access lining off of Veg-Tan Leather
    6. Dye Veg-Tan Leather lining with Fiebing's Pro Dye
    7. Finish dyed Veg-Tan Leather with Eco-Flo® Tandy Neat Lac
    8. Let Eco-Flo® Tandy Neat Lac dry
    9. Sand, burnish, and apply Eco-Flo® Edgeflex
    10. Allow Eco-Flo® Edgeflex to dry thoroughly
    11. Sew the exterior & lining together with a 1/4” seam allowance with Sailrite® Sewing Machine
    12. Fold the bottom edge to the top of the flap [this should measure 6.5” when folded] to form the clutch and clamp edges together. Let sit for about 30 min to create a form.
    13. Using Kodiak Leather, make strip 3” x ½” for Dee Ring housing
    14. Using Kodiak Leather, cut a 15’ x ½” strip for wristlet strap
    15. Measure and punch holes for Rivets on each side of the clutch using a Rotary Punch [be sure to place the first rivet in the center of the Dee Ring housing]
    16. Place 1/2” Dee Ring in center and fold to create a Dee Ring housing
    17. Place Dee Ring housing in the position marked on the pattern
    18. Install Medium Double-Cap Rivets using Rivet Setter
    19. Install the Kora Clasp to the clutch
    20. Burnish edges to create a clean finish
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